A Message From Our Pastors

Ken & Deanna Dutton

We realize that everyone has a slightly different idea of what they want a church to be. We also realize that no single church will adapt to everyone’s ideas perfectly. The one thing we can promise at Without Walls is that our idea of church is based on one thing: Being Jesus in Our World.

Since Jesus came not to be served but to serve, then our main focus is to be Jesus by serving to meet the needs of our church, but even more, our church serving to meet the needs of our community. Every department of Without Walls including children, youth & young adults, marrieds, singles, seniors, worship & creative arts and a host of other groups and ministries carry that DNA and offer every one of every age a place where they can fit in and feel connected. If you have any questions concerning the ministries and vision of our church, feel free to contact our offices. We hope to meet you soon!