At Without Walls it’s no secret that our heart beats for generosity. Our goal is to see the Kingdom of God expand with every dollar we invest. When setting generosity goals in our church, we focus on three broad areas to fund:

Global Missions. Local Church Expansion. Future Leaders

We have a heart for the nations, we plant roots locally to impact our community, and we invest in future generations. We believe that we can be increasingly generous with your support and that the Kingdom of God increases with every generous act. When you give to Kingdom Builders, God’s marvelous Kingdom expands!

Please prayerfully consider committing with us to financially fund the expansion
of the Kingdom!



A group of people committed to building the vision of the house through their financial giving. Together they build the financial capacity of our church so we can build for the future and see multitudes of people in our city and abroad come to know Jesus.



Kingdom Builders give over and above their tithes and offerings, allowing Without Walls to resource the vision as a church, and the local and global initiatives we partner with. In December we will have a church wide giving event where we get to be a part of funding the call God has placed before our church!